They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree

When my husband and I moved into our first home, there was an older pine tree near our house. The previous owner had it cut down and sold it at the lumber yard. It wasn't long before we noticed the giant hole in the side of the tree where the bark used to be. It was kind of eerie. We've since heard that some people will actually remove the entire old tree from their property when they are ready to plant new ones.

Some folks will use the stump as a place to build a swing or a cedar arbor. Other people will make something like an outdoor sitting area. Others will build a small garden around the coffin of pine for that sweetheart of theirs. There's really no limit what someone can do with it. It's a great piece of stained glass, but what if you don't want it for anything other than an interesting yard ornament?

Old country music is just one kind of treasure that can be found inside the bark of an old country pine tree. A good CD of old country music will bring back memories of times long gone. Imagine having that on hand when you moved into your first rental house in California and the landlord asked you to turn it into a country music recording studio. If you have a radio, put some country music on it and get ready to start the mornings.

What if you loved music but also felt strongly about preserving the world? If you have a passion for preserving the world, then maybe you could use the old skull of a pine as a casket for your own mother. You could have a hearse take you to her grave. What if they cut down the old pine tree and they hauled it away to that cemetery where they have all the tombs of all the people who were put to death?

What if your father had a thing for horses, like you? Just imagine the horse skull being buried next to your mom in the front yard. You can have that old country pine tree made into a beautiful monument for your dad by using the front part of the pine as a pedestal and using the back portion as a hoof for the horse to rest upon. You can even carve a name into it for him.

So while you're listening to country music and thinking about how the tree was taken away from its natural home, remember that they cut down the old country pine tree because it didn't suit their needs for lumber. And they didn't think about all the animals and plants that need to be protected from this monstrosity of a tree. But now, that tree has been consigned to the rubbish tip of someone's backyard. Enjoy the beauty of nature, but do so responsibly.

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