Top Of Palm Tree Fell Off

A top of palm tree fell off a palm tree at my house. I called 911 and they arrived quickly and fixed the tree. It was not until they were removing the branch to get the nuts that I realized what had happened. It was hanging by a weak branch that was just begging to break off. It was not near the drainage hole so it could have fallen off any number of trees. There are quite a few local nurseries around that specialize in such fallen trees and will often fix them for a very reasonable price.

The Palm tree has always been a favorite among my friends and neighbors. They have had it for years and never seemed to lose faith. One afternoon a friend and I were visiting with a group of our friends from another part of town. The tree had fallen and injured quite a few of our friends, quite seriously. Two teenage boys were climbing the tree and at the height of the season they were not being supervised, which is when the accident occurred.

One of them was screaming in pain and crying for help as he continued to pull the broken off branch from his head. The other boy, who had taken a fall earlier, could barely speak as he continued to wrench the branch from his body. I immediately called 911 and rushed to the scene.

While I was waiting for the paramedics to arrive, my son started to tell me about his day. One of the felled boys told him that his mom had asked him to chop some wood for the grill. He looked at me and told me that she had asked him to take care of the grill while she cooked some chicken. He said that she was okay and he just needed some help to get it to her.

As I drove home, I listened to one of their friends talking about how the other one had jumped into the water to try to save his life. He told how the guy fell into the water but didn't really hit the water until he hit the rocks. After that, he decided he wanted to press charges against the felling. We watched the ambulance take him away. I put the phone down and went back to the memorial.

I will never forget what I saw that day at the top of Palm tree Bay. I will never forget the way the top of Palm broke and the way it swayed and fell to the sand below. For me, it was a peaceful and beautiful day.

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