Tree Away Tree Service

Overall satisfaction rating. This site has been reported to be affiliated with Tree Away, Inc. The two organizations share the same business objectives and some of their services overlap. The two companies are both committed to building healthy relationships with customers. The companies are both "green" businesses. At first glance, both seem to be very focused on helping people get healthier.

At Tree Away, they emphasize the need to educate people about tree care in order to prevent problems before they happen. They claim that most people are not knowledgeable about tree care and a tree service removes more invasive trees than other companies. They claim to specialize in tree removal only. Their focus is on tree services and tree trimming only. When you call for tree service, you should always request a quote based on the estimate given to you by the tree care experts.

You need to ask yourself whether the price quoted by the tree service company is reasonable or it is too high. The company is required by law to disclose their fees. If the price they give you is not competitive, then you must look for another tree service provider.

You must look into the history of the company and their track record. Ask them if they have ever had a tree service that was undamaged and free of dead leaves and other debris. Find out how long they have been in business and check if they have any recommendations from local people who have had similar tree service. Do not choose to work with a new company especially if they do not have any references. A good tree service company will have satisfied customers who will be willing to share their experience.

You should also find out what kind of equipment and support is provided with their service. You may want to find out if they use hoes, scrapers and/or forks. They should also be able to provide you with other equipment such as a tree stretcher and an axe. An experienced company will know how to handle tree felling tools safely.

The internet can be a good source of information on tree services. Search for a company that has been in business for at least 10 years. They should have a large range of equipment to remove a tree effectively. If you are planning to hire a tree service provider, they should arrange for a site visit. This should help you find out more about the company and the way they operate.

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