Tree Away

When it comes time to clean your Christmas tree, it can be tricky to maneuver the big bulky tree off the deck or patio. If you do have a large tree, you need to make sure you clear all of the smaller branches off the deck or patio before you start removing the tree. This will ensure that you have a clean workable surface to remove your tree from. If you don't move the tree in a straight line and take some time cleaning it up, you will find that you might miss some of the smaller branches. This will lead to having branches that are hanging over the sides of your tree, which you don't want. Here are a few tips to help you move that tree safely and cleanly off of your deck or patio.

First, make sure that you remove all of the lights from the tree. Leave lights on inside the tree, but not on the stand. Keep Christmas lights close to the ground and away from heat sources, including the small wires hanging from the tree. Also position the tree away form the familiar electrical outlets, including your heating source, bed, and other play areas. Also keep the tree away form tables or other perches that might be convenient perches for your dog to jump up into the branches. If all these things are done, you will reduce the risk of electrocution caused by Christmas lights touching the electrical wires inside the tree.

Second, if you haven't already, move your Christmas trees to an outside location and put the larger and more exposed branches on a stand. In addition to being more secure, this will also help you move the tree away easier in the future. By cutting down the size of your tree, you are also reducing the amount of cords you need to connect and detach when moving it to another location. By cutting your tree away, you are also preserving valuable Christmas trees that will otherwise gather dust and decay in storage.

Third, after you have the tree removed from the tree stand, you must take care of it properly to make sure it survives the harsh winter season. First of all, check the water level in the tree and make sure it is adequate to keep it alive through the cold winter months. Water needs to be applied to the tree every couple days during the colder months, and you should also check the water level in the surrounding area where you intend to put it. Remember to empty out the water bowl as necessary. You will also want to make sure there are no leaks in the roof so that the rest of the house does not freeze. Lastly, check the nuts and screws on the tree and make sure they are secure.

Fourth, after the tree has been moved, you need to make sure it stays warm and fresh longer by protecting its outer layers from heat sources. One way to do this is to coat the outside of the stand with a light layer of paint that reflects UV rays back onto the tree's outer layers. Another way is to cover the stand with aluminum foil. Coating the stand with aluminum foil will help the stand retain its heat and retain more heat for longer periods of time.

Lastly, tree removal and recycling is an important task. If you have trees that are not in flower or fruit production, you can cut them down and have the branches and stumps recycled into mulch. This is helpful in keeping your lawn green and prevents you from having to mow the lawn each year. You can also donate your trees to local tree nurseries that will in turn recycle them and use them to produce more flowers and plants. Your efforts are well rewarded with the healthy blooming plants that will fill your garden with color.

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