Tree Cleanup Cost

There is a common misconception that includes a tree cleanup cost as part of the formal hazard plan. As an example, the hazard report shall contain an itemized list of all necessary expenses to manage a specific condition. The itemized list shall identify whether the condition is a hazard to health and safety, a health hazard, or a property hazard. This is commonly referred to as section 9.30 in DMA 2021.

One reason that stump grinding may occur at the site of a tree cleanup cost is because the tree removal team will cut the stump to remove it, but leave the stump exposed. Stump grinding is considered hazardous by most municipalities. A tree removal company will also need to hire someone to cut down the exposed stump and remove any damaged roots. However, if the tree removal team does not hire someone to do this work, they may be liable for providing hazard compensation to the property owner.

In addition, tree removal companies can incur additional expenses if they are not insured under the appropriate section of DMA 2021. If a stump is cut down and the exposed roots are not removed, they may lead to seepage and corrosion. Even when roots are removed, tree cutting expenses can still occur. A tree removal company may need to dig a trench around the area of the stump cutting in order to remove the stump completely. In many cases, this type of hole will be filled with concrete to keep the roots from growing back in later years.

Even when the tree removal company is insured, homeowners should still consider tree pruning if they are interested in lowering their expenses. Tree pruning will often require more work than tree cutting, including tree felling, stump grinding, and removal of roots. However, there are benefits to having pruned trees. First, pruned trees will be less likely to attract birds or pests.

Second, pruning can often provide an extra year of healthy growth for homeowners. It can also make stumps unsightly. Before doing any tree removal activities, it is important to remember to prune. When trimming back a larger tree, it is especially important to do so in the winter. Many homeowners make the mistake of pruning too far back, which causes the tree to grow even more rapidly than it would have been without pruning.

Lastly, when removing a tree, it is important to not prune the same area again for several years. Doing so can create a "pattern" that draws pests or animals to the same spot on the landscape. There is no benefit to prune the tree in the same spot next year and expect the same results. Therefore, before tree removal, it is important to take time to properly prune.

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