Tree Company

The Tree Company has been established on the premise that consumers demand fair price, dependable advice, and top-notch professional arborist service performed by individuals who truly care about what they do. We offer services from tree removal to tree pruning to tree trimming and tree surgery for aesthetic excellence. We strive to provide an exceptional customer experience. We believe that our service reflects a commitment to our customer's satisfaction which is evident in the referrals and continuing patronage that continues to grow. Tree services can transform a space or a property and help to increase property value and curb appeal.

One of our most popular services is pruning. Many people mistakenly think that tree felling is a job for a tree surgeon. In reality, pruning is actually quite simple, and often tree surgeons do not have enough hours to handle the task satisfactorily. The tree company prunes the branches so that they look neat and symmetrical, and that prevents the tree surgeon from having to do it, resulting in a pruning cut being much more aesthetically pleasing.

We also provide tree removal and tree trimming services for commercial and residential properties. The shrub removal team has the skill and experience to remove stubborn shrubs and trees that are in danger of falling. Along with tree pruning techniques, we can remove damaged branches safely without dangerous scaffolds. We are also skilled at tree removal, and will carefully and efficiently remove trees in the best manner possible. As a professional tree company, we take pride in our ability to complete this type of work quickly and correctly.

Residential clients tend to prefer a tree company for a variety of reasons. Often trees that are unhealthy or have structural issues will require the expertise of an arborist. These arbors may be structurally unsound and need to be repaired prior to the tree removal process. Sometimes the homeowner is simply not knowledgeable about arbors and does not know how to properly maintain them over time. If the homeowner does not know what type of arborist they should use, their choice will be influenced by the price that they are willing to spend.

A tree service company can also assist with other types of pruning including removal of dead, damaged, diseased, or just unwanted leaves and twigs. This is especially common for homeowners in the southeastern part of the country, where humidity makes it difficult for trees to grow, and leaves to dry out completely before they fall off. Many times this type of service is requested when there are large amounts of leaves on the trees, since the homeowner may not have the time to prune them manually. In fact, many people believe that a tree service company is better equipped to perform this task, since they typically have the right tools, and know exactly how to remove the extra leaves without damaging the tree, or worse yet, killing it.

Whether you need tree services for residential or commercial applications, it is critical to understand all of your options. There are several important decisions to make, such as which tree company to use, and what tree trimming techniques to use. Regardless of what tree services you decide to use, you are better off hiring an arborist, than doing it yourself.

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