Tree Demolition

You might have heard about the term "tree removal" or "trimming down", but what does it mean? Tree removal is the act of removing a large tree, which may be hazardous or not, from your property. If you're planning to get rid of your trees, know that there are many professional tree services available today. Here are some of the most common tree services that you can call upon if you need to have your trees removed:

One of the most common uses for a tree removal company these days is to help remove dead or dying trees from your property. It is not uncommon to find a local tree removal company working on a large tree that may have blocked a road or caused an obstruction in the landscape. In situations like this, they use a high powered equipment to carefully and completely remove the tree. Sometimes, depending on the tree's condition, a series of tree felling can be easier than one single extraction.

The main thing that commercial tree services companies do is remove large dead trees that pose a hazard or are deemed unsafe for your landscape. They also perform regular tree trimming and pruning. Tree removal and trimming, along with the other specialized services that they provide, ensures that your landscape maintains its natural beauty. It's no secret that dead or dying trees can make your yard look unsightly and unappealing. A professional tree removal company can remove these pesky obstacles so that you have a clean and healthy landscape.

Another common service offered by tree removal companies is the removal of large tree branches that have grown too large for your yard. For example, if you have a large tree on your property that's weighing in at over 100 pounds, you might need to hire the services of a tree removal company to remove it. Aside from removing the tree, they will also do preliminary tree inspection to see if it poses any danger to your property. If it does, they will trim and remove the tree.

Some commercial tree services companies also perform a preventive maintenance service. This means they check for underground molds or mildew before they even cut down the trees. They also perform a topical hazard assessment to determine if there are underground issues such as leaks or sewage pipes that could pose a hazard to passersby. They conduct a soil survey and analyze samples of soil to ensure that the new growth isn't invasive or unhealthy.

Tree removal and trimming don't just happen to residential homeowners; many large corporations hire the services of commercial tree services to trim their trees. This ensures that trees on their properties are kept in shape and properly trimmed. If your business utilizes a vehicle to transport employees and equipment to and from the facility, hiring a tree removal company to do the trimming can save you money on insurance premiums. Moreover, trimming your trees prevents the occurrence of tree diseases or pests that can harm people and damage equipment on site. In some cases, if these issues are not addressed promptly, they can actually spread and cause an accident.

Root pruning may be used for large tree removal projects. Root pruning is a service that is sometimes contracted out. However, it's not as simple as just pulling the entire stump out. The entire stump needs to be removed so that when the job is finished, the ground can be prepared for planting. When performing root pruning on its own, a stump grinders and a systemic pest management hazard assessment needs to be conducted. Commercial tree services companies can help with both of these tasks.

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