Tree Garden Near Me

It has been a few years now since I planted a tree garden near my house. Since then it has grown into one of the best investments I have made. The first tree I planted was an African violet and I loved it right away, although it was not the full size tree that you see at the front of stores today. It was just large enough to fill in a corner. I watered it every day and it thrived, it really is the most natural looking tree garden near me to be honest.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to repot a tree that had been there for quite some time. The roots had gotten so tangled up with grass that I could not get any more grass in them. I removed all the grass and treated the tree with fungicide and fungolone to keep it healthy. I felt that if I left the tree alone for a couple of months it would grow out enough to take over my entire garden.

Well after a very wet winter it began to grow again and I just kept watering it until the soil finally dried up enough that I was able to transplant it into the spot where the old tree garden stood before. By this time it was going great. The tree that was growing there before now is now a handsome mature tree that I love to trim and shape into beautiful flowers.

It was very nice to have this old growth tree to return to its original beauty. I also now have a wonderful border planted with purple and white roses between the grass and the soil, which also brings me quite a bit of visitors. I have always found that when a plant starts to grow it adds to the beautification of the surroundings. Not only do plants help to beautify but they will also provide food for wildlife as well.

When the tree sprouts up next year I will plant another one in the same spot. If you live near a stream or river you can easily grow a small pond in the center of your tree garden. That way you will have all the water you need for fish. This is a very good thing because local fish tend to like eating tree roots.

Tree planting is a wonderful hobby that many people get into. I enjoy it as much as anyone else because it provides such a sense of accomplishment when you see your tree sprout new leaves. Just imagine how proud you will be when it is finally time to harvest your precious fruits and vegetables from your tree garden. You will also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you helped sustain life. It is a win-win situation really.

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