Tree License

Tree licenses are important to have, especially if you are doing any kind of commercial tree work. Tree removal is something that some cities and towns do not like to do because it takes away from the natural beauty of the environment. The good news is there are several things that you can do to get a tree license if you want to start tree trimming or clearing land for trees. Getting a license is something that is strictly regulated by your local government so that you know what you are doing and are not putting anything on the land that can be taken away later.

There are two types of tree licensing that you can get. First there is a tree permit, which you will need to apply for if you want to take further tree care work. The permit lets you dig for more than one tree, cut branches that are over three feet tall or have an adult tree that weighs more than twenty pounds. The permit also allows you to trim trees on your own property and use a specific gear that you have access to. The second type of license is a certification program, which is a little different than the permit.

The certification program requires that you work for a minimum of two years with a professional arborist who has been certified by the local government. This program also requires that you get some kind of training from a tree care association or other certified arborist. If you get the proper training then your certificate can be renewed every two years for as long as you live in your home. There was proposed legislation recently in New York that would have made this certification program mandatory, but it was defeated by a vote of 6-5.

New York's proposed legislation said that anyone who does any kind of tree care work without going through this program will be in violation of the law. They said that some of the professionals were not properly trained in the field and therefore did not have the proper knowledge to perform tree felling and removal work. There were a lot of comments that came from those who were against the new law, including that it would cost the state too much money to regulate its contractors. This proposal failed to pass the state legislature.

There is currently a proposed legislation in California that would make it mandatory for anyone who does tree care work to have a license. This would mean that you would need a license even if you are just doing small tree care jobs for neighbors. Currently there is no regulation in California for tree care contractors. This means that anyone can do any kind of tree care work from removing limbs to planting trees and everything in between without a license.

If you choose to plant Christmas trees this year, you need to know what you are doing so that you do not end up hurting someone's feelings when you take their Christmas tree away. Be sure that you get a tree care license before you start. You can go online and do some research about the requirements for your area. I am sure that you will find a wholesale nursery license or a tree service license that you can get that will get you started on the right path to becoming a tree care contractor or a tree grower.

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