Tree Moving Service

At Tree Taxi, provide a unique and environmentally friendly tree moving service for commercial and residential clients across the Colorado. We pride ourselves in offering an affordable, reliable, and efficient moving service in Longmont, CO, and surrounding areas within 50 miles. The expert team of employees is comprised of dedicated individuals who are committed to making every customer's move easy and stress-free. Our green, professional staff has been thoroughly trained and certified in order to move your tree safely and securely. Whether you live in Boulder or Colorado Springs, we are ready and willing to get you moving!

In addition to our state of the art, fully automated, and qualified, trained employees, we also offer a tree moving service with our large trees. This service is designed to handle large trees up to six feet in height. This method of moving a tree takes advantage of new technologies and makes the process faster and more efficient than using a tree auger or chain chipper. In this method, a team of licensed, trained specialists will use a high-pressured tree spade to cut down your tree. They then carefully remove any excess, mature material, and dispose of it safely.

Many people are under the assumption that hiring a tree moving service is extremely expensive, but it's not! Rather, it is actually quite inexpensive. In fact, it is far less expensive than hauling your trees from your home to the landfill, or having a tree removal company come out and move your trees for you. You can also choose to have them bring the trees inside the house, should you want to protect the environment, or simply want a little bit of green in your living space.

Tree spades are the most powerful tools used in tree removal or moving. Although they are relatively small and compact, they pack quite a punch! Because the tree spade itself is so big, it requires two people to properly use it. When there is a load to be removed, two people can stand on either end of the spade, and guide it into the right spot. After it is loaded and moved, another person will stand on top of the spade and cut branches, break them off, and clear away the debris. It only takes about 10 seconds to perform a tree moving service with this equipment.

Another major benefit of a tree moving service is the safety of your trees. When you hire tree care specialists, you know that they are well-trained and familiar with the techniques used to help protect your trees and reduce the risks of injury to you, your workers, or innocent third parties. If you plan to do it yourself, you are taking a gamble. No one knows what type of tree you have, where it is located, or how much damage it could have if you were to cut it. Hiring professionals to move your trees ensures the safety of everyone involved.

The last major benefit of hiring a tree moving service is the cost. Tree removal can be expensive, but with the right specialists you can save money in both the short and long term. Most services will offer to give you a free estimate, so you know ahead of time exactly what the project will cost you. They can then provide you with bids from multiple local companies. This gives you a great amount of leverage in negotiating the best price for the work you need done.

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