Tree Removable

The Quick Tree Removable Boots are very popular and have become the choice of many tree climbers. This is mainly due to the fact that the Quick Tree can be removed from the feet when it is not needed and taken apart to store until the next climb. They are also lightweight making them easier to set up. However, the ease of use is not the only reason they are used but the way in which they are manufactured and the durability of the materials used in making them make them an excellent product to use when climbing trees.

DESCRIPTION. The new Quick Tree Removable Boots are made for quick and simple climb upwards. Ideal for beginners and tree climbers alike, this cam can easily be attached onto your shoes or to your harnesses with the QT Spikes Support or the QT Universal Clip (Not supplied).

AMONG THE REFLEXES: The Quick Tree has been designed so that the climber can attach it directly to the front of their shoes. Once this is done, then it can be quickly and easily detached and stored in a small bag. These are made of durable nylon and rubber which are used to attach the climber's feet into the tree. As these are attachable, the climber is protected even if the tree somehow breaks free of the rope. This makes the Quick Tree extremely strong.

CRAFTED GRIP: Made of tough polyester webbing, the Quick Tree removable boots are made to grip into any tree in any weather condition. They are completely safe for your feet as there are no sharp edges that might catch the fingers of the climber and damage them. They have been purposely designed to grip into the tree without cutting into the tree's bark or cutting into the tree's roots. They are extremely strong and will not rip or tear once they have been attached. They can also be used on mulch where a traditional pull through would be impossible.

GRIP : Made of heavy duty neoprene, the tree removable boots are designed to be attached on the tree securely so that they will not rip off the tree. They come with a buckle and a clip to secure the tree securely in the tree. Once attached, the tree removable boots keep the tree firmly attached to the tree.

These trees are highly functional as they make climbing the tree much easier for a person. All the parts are fully removable and some of them can be reused for other purposes. This means that one set of tree removable boots can last a lifetime. It's an investment that will last a very long time. In fact, they can even be passed down to the next generation. When you buy a tree removable boot, you can always count on it to work as it should.

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