Tree Removal Pricing

Tree removal cost depends on the size, type of tree and location. The average cost of a tree removal may range from several thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. Different countries may have different average costs as well. Different industries may have different average costs, but the cost of a tree removal in one area may be lower than the cost in another area because of location.

Average tree removal cost was $3.00 per cubic yard in 2021. That may seem like a pretty close average to some people. However, there are several factors that need to be considered when figuring out the cost of a tree removal. First, how many yards are being removed?

Typically, tree removal pricing is done based on cubic yards of tree trimming or removal. In some situations, such as power lines and other high demand cases, a slightly higher price may be applied. If the size of the tree cutting or removal request is fairly typical, it would be easy for a power line company to offer an even lower price, which would make the offer attractive to many customers.

The second factor that is likely to affect tree removal pricing is the level of insurance coverage required for the job. Generally, a power line company will not offer lower prices if the customer maintains the property on their own, but many companies do provide discounts if the customer has their own insurance policy with them. Some insurance policies require the customer to cut the tree within a specific time frame before removing it. These companies may offer a discount if the tree removal cost is split between their insurance policy and the home owner or renter's insurance policy. However, if the insurance policy is not purchased through an insurance company, the home owner may need to purchase their own insurance policy specifically designed for removing trees.

The third major factor that will affect tree removal pricing is the size of the tree. For most home owners, removing a tree may not be a major problem, but when a tree that is 30 feet or larger requires a tree removal service, things can become very expensive. The cost usually begins with a per foot charge, which includes the actual cost of cutting the tree, the fee for the use of a chainsaw and other fees required for the service. After this fee is paid, the price usually continues to increase with tree removal service cost, tree removal equipment, and any miscellaneous fees required.

One final factor that may affect tree removal pricing is the difficulty of the task at hand. Many homeowners may choose to have a tree removal company remove a dead tree, rather than attempt to remove it themselves. The process of removing a live tree can be complex and dangerous, so having it removed by a trained professional can help make the job go more smoothly and reduce any risk of injury to the home owner or tenant. Most services will also include some sort of insurance to cover any damage or injuries that may occur during the removal. Having this insurance may actually result in a lower cost, as it protects your personal property in the event that something happens while the stump removal process is in progress.

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