Tree Service Charlottesville

Do you know what a tree service is? You may have heard of them, but are not exactly sure what it is. This information and more is available in this exclusive preview of a two-hour satellite TV special that will air on PBS stations nationwide. Featuring experts who will share their expertise with viewers, this show details everything from how to select a tree that's in need of a transplant to how to prepare a tree for planting in the city.

The tree experts interviewed for the show detail the best tree service pros in the Charlottesville area. Local tree services are needed more now than ever because climate zones are changing, old tree growth is slowing down and tree roots are leaking underground. As tree cover continues to diminish, the city is having to plan more innovative ways for landscaping the town.

According to the experts, to make sure that new trees grow in the right areas and that they're planted correctly, tree care experts need to be certified by The American Society of Tree Clipers and the United States Arborist's Association. They are also required to be licensed through the Virginia Department of Agriculture. All tree cutting and removal work must also be done according to applicable state and federal laws and to ensure the health and safety of the people and community.

In terms of tree planting and tree trimming, the show features tree removal experts that discuss the basics of stump removal and what makes good candidates for the service. As part of the preview, the show asks questions about whether the city should hire its own tree removal crew or hire an outside contractor. Another question that's asked involves whether the city has any rules or ordinances that require agencies to only hire state-certified arborists. In some areas, there are no rules at all regarding stump removal and tree trimming, according to Virginia Department of Agriculture representatives. They encourage businesses to get rid of the old, dead trees on their property without getting in trouble with city code enforcement and state agencies.

When it comes to giving us a free quote, the representative emphasizes that the free quotes given to potential tree service customers are not necessarily estimates. They're only possibilities and until the companies have more specific information to offer, a free quote can't be given. In fact, the companies will only give us a price quote once they've sent us the plan drawings and other drawings of their plan for the project. And even then, it's an estimate based upon one or two kinds of trees.

For businesses, removing dead trees can be an arduous task. It costs money and a lot of manpower. It's also a task that requires a lot of planning and implementation. That's why businesses should think twice before they opt to hire tree removal contractors. Instead of giving out a free quote, they should invest in the kind of knowledge and experience that is needed in order to do the job right.

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