Tree Service Rates

Every homeowner wants to save money on their tree service and pruning needs, but many don't know where to start. It is a wise idea to call around several companies and find out what they charge for the job. Many times they will be comparable, but the price you pay for professional tree care and trimming may vary greatly. Here are some things to look for when choosing a company for your next tree removal or trimming.

The main thing that will affect your tree service rates is the area you live in. Companies specialize in specific types of tree removal and trimming, so the arborist that works for you will be knowledgeable about the particular type of trees you have, their location, and what type of services are required. For instance, an arborist working in the Washington DC metro area will be somewhat familiar with trees in the Maryland and Virginia areas as well. This will help them to give you a more accurate quote. Additionally, if you live in a windy area, you should look for an arborist that can use a top quality electric clipper and perform tree trimming during bad weather.

Another thing you want to look for is free estimates removal of dead or dying trees. If a tree service company does not offer this free estimate service, they are not going to be very competitive. It is worth several dollars to have a tree service company remove a tree if you do not need any further services after the tree is dead or dying. Most companies will be willing to remove the stump for you free of charge if it is not going to take them long to do it themselves. If you are interested in free estimates, call several companies and find out what kind of a policy they have for dead or dying trees.

You should also find out what tree service rates the company has for stump grinding, cutting, and removal. Some companies charge per service while others charge a flat rate fee for removing just the stump. Stump grinding and cutting can be quite expensive if you are having tree service removed or pruned at the same time. The average price for stump grinding is $200 per hour, with some companies charging more. If you are looking for pruning services as well, be sure that you can get the same price or more from each company you contact.

Arborists are another key player when it comes to tree care. If you are having your trees planted or removed, you may as well look for an arborist that offers tree care. You can find arborists who will come out and give you an estimate on pruning, trimming, and other services. Many arborists have their own trees maintenance crew who will do all of the necessary work for a flat rate. If you are not sure whether or not you can hire an arborist, ask what kind of services they provide before you call them for a quote. You should always get an idea of what kind of work will be performed before you agree to any tree service rates.

When you call different tree service rates agencies, make sure you have the total area of the tree you want to be trimmed or cut in mind. The larger the tree, the more areas you will need to trim or cut. Some tree trimmers can handle large areas in one fell swoop. Ask what kind of trimming or cutting services each tree care provider offers, since some will offer both basic services and pruning services. This way you can get an idea of what kinds of tree pruning jobs are available at each agency.

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