Tree Trunk Cut Out

Tree Trimmers and a tree service are necessary tools when cutting a tree in Half. Half hollow trees are easier to cut out then the full sized trees. Half hollow trees can be hollow inside because they have a "chip" or "crack" where the bark used to line the tree cavity. A tree service or tree trimming company can usually help with a half tree trunk cut out easier then a full tree trunk cut out.

Start out by selecting the correct paper for your tree trunk. If your paper is not large enough you can always double it up with another sheet of newspaper or even just use two or three sheets of card stock. This does not need to be exact because if it is recognizable as a tree trunk you are good to go. Do not, however, use masking tape to cover up the chip or crack because that is not what it is suppose to look like, and the masking tape can easily rip and tear at the chip and the crack over time.

Do not try to use masking tape to cover up the hole where the root ball used to be. That was always how I did it did not work well. If you are unsure of how much area is left, cut a few pieces of card stock and fill in the remaining space. You can use the remaining card stock to pick up the pieces of the tree trunk stump and the leaves that fell off. After you have finished you will have a nice, neat looking stump and leaves to use for decorating.

After you have finished you need to clean up the chip or crack. Using a stiffened paper punch, crush up the remaining bits of bark and crumple them up into little balls. Then using a small bit of masking tape, attach these balls of dried tree bark to the card stock. When you are satisfied with how they look you can remove the masking tape and attach a few extra pieces of masking tape to hold them in place until you are ready to use them again.

To create a more elegant effect you will want to attach one end of the grateful leaves to an accent pole. Cut off a few inches of the top leaf paper from an old oak leaf paper punch. Do not cut all the way through the leaf paper. Use the attached leaf paper punch to stick the bottom of the grateful leaf to the pole.

Attach the other end of the grateful leaf to the same oak leaf paper punch. Use the attached paper punch to stick the bottom of the tree trunk onto the pole. Voila!-you now have a tree trunk bench to sit upon during the fall season or just for decoration during the spring and summer months!

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