Tree’s Company

"The Spy" is an interesting film from the 1990s starring Steve McQueen as a British Army Intelligence officer and Laurence Fishburne as a New Zealand Spy. The two main characters are assigned to the same spy post, but things do not go to plan and they find themselves in serious danger. They are soon thrown into a world of intrigue and suspense as the lives of their enemies are put at risk and the true meaning of patriotism is once again put on the line. In short, it is a tense psychological thriller with plenty of mystery.

The movie begins with a news report about a terrorist plot to blow up the Statue of Liberty. We soon discover that the plot was to place a bomb on the west coast, but somehow this fails. Instead, a van loaded with arms and supplies for the rebels is stopped by a truck driver that identifies himself as a British Army intelligence officer. He tells them that there was a secret plot to bring down America's Statue of Liberty and offers them some very valuable information. After he is captured, the US government realizes that he may have been the mastermind of the operation.

Our heroes are then told that a man named Jasper is the mastermind behind the operation. After some investigation, they learn that the man who called them over there is actually a traitor and must be put on trial for his actions. Our hero, Steve McQueen ( Steve McQueen) returns to the scene of the crime, wearing a disguise of a New Zealand native and using a gas mask to cover his mouth and nose. He then sneaks up on the van carrying the arms and supplies and remotely activates the bomb. The explosion destroys the van and everyone inside except for Jasper who escaped to the western island. US agents hunt him down but are no match for him and are only able to capture one of his alleged helpers, Valhalles.

However, in actuality, it was Tree's Company that planted the nuke in the first place. They had paid an extra large amount of money to a Chinese drug lord for a supply of weapons and were using him as a double life. The Chinese drug lord wanted to make some extra money, so he sent a group of Chinese laborers over there to sell them drugs and also used a nuke. The nuke destroyed the Western Island and Tree's Company got their share of the profits.

So, what did we learn from this? Firstly, if you are going to play this game you really need to invest in a good tree's outfit and a perfect disguise kit. It does not matter what type of weapon you use if you do not have the correct clothing to go with it, I mean if you use a weapon you need to look like you are actually fighting. Secondly, if you do not want to be identified as a traitor in the end don't use a real nuke. A real nuke would send shudders across the eyes and make every human in the vicinity very scared.

There are many other interesting things about this game that I could write about but I will leave it to other players of the game to discover them for themselves. If you are interested in learning more I would recommend checking out the Tree's Company website. It is full of great information on the history of the game as well as the rules. They even have a full list of all the items available for purchase and what they do!

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