Types Of Pine Trees In NJ

When most people think of New Jersey, they think of beautiful landscapes. Pine forests abound in the state, and for good reason. From large ponderosa-heddeds to beautiful beach Pine trees, New Jersey is a state with a wide variety of unique types of pine trees to choose from. While many people assume that only certain types of trees are pine, there is no reason to think that is true. In fact, over 60% of the state is covered with pine forests, and the rest is covered by birch, oak, maple, and fruit trees.

If you live in or around central New Jersey, or have spent any time in the area, you may be aware that the climate is extremely varied. Not only can different types of trees be found in every direction of the state, but the soil is full of unique textures and varieties as well. For this reason, no two sites will ever be exactly the same when it comes to the types of pine trees in New Jersey. You can find large trees growing in the deserts of southern NJ and even in the sunny climate of Manhattan. Some trees are large enough to be beautiful trees as large as houses.

Even if you don't live in or near central New Jersey, you still have a great deal of options when it comes to finding the right types of trees for your landscape. Even those who live in the far reaches of the outer suburbs can find a few tree species to admire. As you travel out through the mountains and into the hills of southwestern New Jersey, you will come across a variety of landscapes and types of trees you likely haven't seen anywhere else. If you're looking for majestic large trees to mount your walls or an arbor in your yard, you should certainly look into New Jersey.

One thing that many people don't realize about pine trees in New Jersey is that they have a lot of different uses. Not only are they beautiful, but some of them can actually help to reduce pollution levels and improve air quality. Since pine trees need a lot of space in order to grow, they actually help to conserve energy in your home as well. Even if you don't have a roof that is directly under one, you can use a large tree to provide extra shade and protection for your home.

Aside from being beautiful, some types of this tree also make very unique bird houses. Because of their wide base and strong structure, these types of bird homes often look very artistic and are also very functional. Whether you have small birds or larger birds, you can find a decorative type of tree in NJ that will be perfect for this purpose. You might even find some that are perfect for building your own bird nest boxes and providing shelter for your family's bird friends.

Of course, no discussion of types of pine trees in NJ would be complete without mentioning their ability to grow almost anywhere. This means that you don't necessarily have to have a large lot of land in order to enjoy the beauty of one of these trees. In fact, some varieties of this tree can grow on just a fraction of an acre of land. Because of their versatility and ability to grow almost anywhere, you should certainly consider growing more than one of these trees in your yard. This way, you'll have plenty of tree options available to you when you are ready to plant.

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