Types Of Tree Felling Cuts

If you are interested in finding the right tree felling and removal company, it is important to learn about the different types of tree felling cuts. There are two main types of cuts that can be made from trees, namely, horizontal and vertical. Both of these types of cuts can be used to remove branches, leaves, and other types of debris. The following is an overview of each type of cut and what they are used for.

Horizontal tree felling cuts are most commonly made from tractors. The front end of the tractor is placed on the ground level and the backhoe is then placed in a shallow trench. The backhoe is then lowered into the trench with the front end of the tractor positioned on the ground level. A chain is attached to the backhoe that is pulled by the motor to move the tractor through the cuts. In some cases, the chain may be lowered by a rope to allow the operator easier access to the ground level.

A common mistake is making the back cut when the tree is close to the ground level. The reason is that when the tree is closer to the ground level the risk of damaging the tree is greater. If the tree is taller, it will require a larger diameter hinge. When the tree is smaller, a smaller diameter hinge will be required. This type of cut can result in a lot of debris falling because the size of the hinge is directly related to the diameter of the cutter that can handle the task.

Vertical tree felling cuts are generally easier than horizontal cuts because the task does not require the tree to be dragged through the cuts. The task will require the operator to have a good pair of cutting tools. These tools are commonly referred to as notches or notching tools.

Notches are generally only required when there is a need to cut the stem or branch of the tree. In other situations, such as with thin branches or a tree that needs to be removed, a notch angle will be sufficient to perform the task. Making the cut from a correct angle is what makes this type of cut so easy. The wrong notches or cutting mistakes will result in an unbalanced, messy piece of wood with an off center ending point.

If you plan on doing a lot of felling and cutting trees then you need to be familiar with these types of tree felling cuts. As with any other types of cutting trees, a good set of cutting tools is needed. The tools will vary based on the type of tree that you are felling and the situation where the cut needs to be made. This will ensure that the job is completed correctly.

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