Van Yahres

The beautiful town of Charlottesville Virginia is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Albemarle. This is the perfect place for a getaway with its lovely views and beautiful scenery. It is also home to some of the most beautiful and creative architecture in the entire world. The town has a small but thriving artistic community. The artistic community in Charlottesville Virginia consists of artists, writers, photographers and other creative people. They have a wide variety of activities to participate in which makes their town a great place to visit.

One of the best parts about living in the beautiful area of Albemarle on the shores of Lake Albemarle is the area's amazing beaches. When living in a town with beautiful beaches such as Van Yahres, you need to find a local beach house that fits your taste. There are so many different beautiful beaches to choose from in the Van Yahres area.

One of the most beautiful places to live in the town of Charlottesville Virginia is at the Art and Antique Market. It is a three day long festival that features hundreds of vendors selling everything from art and antique collectibles to fresh flowers and jewelry. The festival runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and the events are held at numerous locations around the city. People of all ages will enjoy the festivals if they are willing to spend the time walking around or just checking out the beautiful antique items that are for sale.

The Aquarium of Virginia is another great place to check out. The Virginia Aquarium is considered to be one of the best aquariums in the country. The facility houses over three hundred tropical fish, as well as a number of exotic animals such as venomous snakes and turtles. The wonderful exhibits contain some of the most beautiful coral that can be found anywhere.

For tourists who want to do more than walk around the beach area, the Crystal Springs Hotels Cape Cod is one of the best places to stay. This establishment offers visitors a variety of different accommodations that range from budget friendly to high end luxury suites. The beautiful rooms are a part of the Sandestin property that is only four miles from the beach. At the Crystal Springs Hotels Cape Cod you can swim in the ocean during the summer months if you wish.

If you are interested in history at all times, you will find much to keep interest in at the UVA campus. The Groundskeepers' Museum at UVA offers a number of different interesting exhibits and programs. Many times during the school year, there is an exhibit on The Civil War at the Groundskeepers' Museum. Other beautiful places to visit in the area include the UVA campus and St. John's University. The attractions listed here are but a few of the beautiful places to visit in the gorgeous state of Virginia.

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