Virginia Ash Tree

The Virginia Ash Tree has been noted for centuries as the tree of remembrance. Many people, both native and from other countries, have come to regard the Virginia Ash as a sacred tree that brings wisdom and enlightenment. In fact, the name "Ash" is what the natives called the ash tree. Today, the Virginia Ash Tree is one of the most popular herbal remedies in the world.

This is one of the reasons why the herb is used for the health and wellness. It has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times and continued to be used even up until the 18th century. There are many stories about how the herb helped various illnesses and conditions: it was often used in combination with milk and other dairy products, especially when one was suffering from rheumatism or arthritis. It is also thought that the herb was used to treat such common diseases as simple headaches, toothaches and insomnia among single families.

The story of the early settlers in the north reminds us of the spirit of the original settlers. They came to build an extensive village that today is known as Fort Snelling in Dakota. Among their other early achievements, they established a mission and built schools, a fire station, a school, a post office, and even a minster. The story of these people is important to our understanding of Native American life and history. At the time, there were no television, newspapers or Internet and everyone knew everyone else. Thus, the social order and the community were established by word of mouth, through a network of friends and family that maintained a well-organized system of local communications.

Because of the influence of the Virginia Ash, many Minneaus began using its fragrant leaves in herbal medicines, teas, potpourri and ointments. As the centuries passed, the Minneaus and other northern Native Americans gradually adopted the use of tobacco smoke in their herbal remedies and prayers. With some effort, we can still locate some of their old houses, cottages, log cabins and other artifacts in the state of Minnesota. Today, many old house dreams and other old houses memories can be found along the trail of the early settlers.

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