Weeping Mulberry Tree Near Me

A weeping mulberry tree (Myristica fragrans) grows wild around the Mediterranean, Southern United States and Eastern Europe. It is a deciduous tree that prefers moist soil and full sunlight. I have found this to be true even on my large southern backyards with lots of hills and wooded areas. However, if you live in an area with primarily dry and sunny climates, a weeping tree is not a good choice for your yard.

In my opinion, the weeping trees are far more beautiful than any other bonsai type. I have grown them since they are still a baby and there is no way they can compete with mature trees. The beauty of the tree is simply outstanding. They are very easy to grow, even for beginners. Their branches grow out in all directions which adds to the illusion of the trees size.

One thing I want to make sure you know before planting this tree near me is that it requires constant pruning. That's why I purchased two small trees to put together in my back yard. The first one was planted six feet from the ground. It was so beautiful that I decided to plant another one right next to it. Six foot away from my weeping tree near me.

You need to remember that a weeping tree will grow to a certain shape. A weeping tree's branches will grow in all directions. They don't always look like they are going to bend down. And when they do start to grow downwards it may seem like they are going to fall over. But that is just part of the beauty of this type of bonsai.

If you don't have much room for a tree in your yard, don't worry. I still managed to get this tree in my yard. There is not too much space, and I simply had to place it in the area of my existing tree. It looks fantastic.

The best thing about a weeping mulberry tree near me is that it takes very little maintenance. I simply take some twine and tie it around the base of the tree. Every couple of weeks I simply take that twine down, cut it off, and re-nail it to the branches. It hardly takes any time. In fact, I often take a walk by my beautiful tree and stop and just admire the way it flows with nature.

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