Why Do Palm Trees Lean

A question I get asked a lot is why do palm trees lean in the wind? It's a simple question that goes to some very basic answers. It has to do with physics, but I won't delve too far into that. Instead, let me ask you a question and then I will answer it.

Imagine a palm tree growing up at the base of a palm tree. It wouldn't budge, nor would it grow. Why? Because of the weight that it carries. Let's imagine a hurricane behind that palm tree. Let's also suppose that there are lots of storms.

Now, if there is some force behind the winds pushing on that palm tree, and it moves, by the way it's weight is exerted on any nearby palm trees, they will sway back and forth. This is what happens when a hurricane hits the area. The palm trees back away, this causes the surrounding wind to push on them even more. Then you have the end result of why do palm trees lean in the wind - pulling away from the wind, like a branch is trying to pull away from a hurricane.

Of course there are other factors involved, like the humidity, local topography, etc, but the main reason behind why do palm trees bend in the wind is because there is some force pulling on them. Remember the tree in the paragraph above? The palm tree is trying to break free from a storm, but it's weight is too heavy, and it cannot move. So it stays right where it is, in the direction it is planted, with the wind pushing on it from all directions, and not very much at all.

If you have ever tried to break free from a tree in high winds, or even trying to remove a stuck tree when high winds blow, then you know that there is a lot of force working against you, and you have to get out of the way quickly to avoid being hurt. This is basically what the wind does to trees, and why do palm trees bend in the wind, it's because they cannot move. When a tree attempts to move, it breaks free from the branch, and starts to move in a new direction, like a tree branch that just broke off. Now if you are stuck under one, then you are not going to be moving, so it will stay exactly where it is.

Why do palm trees bend in the wind? If you are in a desert and there is a sudden downpour of rain, it can really knock down a palm tree, which is why there is a need for tree maintenance in these places. There are so many other questions that can be answered about this phenomenon, but I am sure that more research will be needed to find out why do palm trees bend in the wind? Until scientists can figure that out, we will just have to continue to enjoy seeing them fall down.

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